Apply now to become a
Taylor Apple Buyer
We buy Taylor’s apples for the supreme quality & taste. Their Queen is picked at the optimum time, to ensure the best quality and flavour.
- Sharon Huang, Faikee Fruit Limited
The buying process
Research your local market to find out the number of apples you’d like to sell in a year, then ask yourself what’s the smallest first order volume you can make.
Tell us these numbers above, along with your contact details. We will email you a reply, and if we’re looking for new buyers in your region you will receive a full application form include what apple varieties you would like.
While that is happening, get your finances in order. We require full payment up front for first shipments. After we grow confidence working together, we can move to payment on account.
Because demand always outstrips supple, we will ask you for a forecast of Taylor Apples volume on a regular basis. Keep in touch with your buyers and consumers so you know this and good luck!